Borough of West Middlesex
25 North St, PO Box 582, West Middlesex, PA 16159

Phone: 724-528-9931
Fax: 724-528-8550

Borough Directory
Elected Officials
Stacey Curry Mayor  
Robert Rankin Council Memger  
Tim Webster President  
Dennis Bollinger Council Member  
William Novak Council Member  
Robert Lark Vice President  
Borough Employees
Paula Luca Secretary/Treasurer  
Bobby Cochran Street Department Senior Laborer  
Scott Haddox Street Department Laborer  
Borough Officials
Robert Tesone Solicitor  
Jeff Richardson Zoning Officer  
Greenman Pedersen, Inc Engineers  
Raleigh Covington EMA Coordinator  
Jason Newton Shenango Police Chief  
Rich Garrett Fire Chief  

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